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Puppets. Teamwork. Magic.


The Colossal Collective started informally with just a few friends who enjoyed the challenge and comradery they found in crafting large-scale puppets. In 2016, the group congealed into the Colossal Collective. Since then, the Colossal Collective has been designing and building large-scale puppets, and bringing them to festivals, concerts, and public gatherings all around the inland Northwest. It’s all a labor of love, and these creations take a large community of contributors and supporters. There are businesses and non-profit organizations that donate resources, share workspace, and allow access to their tools; there are festivals and events that offer grants; and there are dozens of talented, dedicated people who donate their time, knowledge, and skills.


Large-scale puppets remind us that no matter how old we get, we can still find magic in our lives. Not only that, we can create it!

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