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Mr. Barry Ro Mantis

Meet Mr. Barry Romantis, Boise’s favorite bug-looking-for-love. Standing at 20ft tall, this dapper gentleman is a playful praying mantis lovingly created with a fully articulated head, arms, wings, and body. With 6 puppeteers and over 1,000 LED lights Barry puts on a full show that is sure to gather a crowd at any time of the day. If Mr. Mantis's dance moves don't captivate you, his array of color changing lights are sure to enthrall. This interactive puppet displays a new generation of engineering and materials testing for the Colossal Collective.  The majority of Barry's body parts have been constructed from foam that has been glued to beautiful digitally printed canvas and held together with hand colored bungies.  This design allows for light weight limbs and crowd friendly interactivity. 

Watch a video of Barry's adventure at Taos Vortex

A look into the shop: Barry's Build

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