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Jungo Blizzard

The Colossal Collective always dreams big and Jungo Blizzard is our biggest puppet to date! Jungo is a gargantuan gorilla that will rampage around your festival grounds like an unchained King Kong in downtown Manhattan. With extremely articulate and life-like extremities, this albino gorilla will be a highly interactive experience for festival goers. A total of ten puppeteers will make Jungo Blizzard come to life, pounding the ground with his massive fists, giving colossal high-fives, or just grooving with the beat alongside everyone else. Jungo is fully mobile, and can move around festival grounds freely. When standing at his full height, the creature’s head will be nearly 20 feet tall, and it will have an arm-span of nearly 40 feet, so our great ape prefers wide-open spaces and plenty of room. With fully integrated programmable LED lighting, Jungo Blizzard can deliver a jaw-dropping light show by itself, or make an impressive contribution to an existing sound and light show.

Jungo's new location

Uh-Oh!  Jungo was testing a new teleportation device for the Atlantic Laboratory corporation but, there was a malfunction.  The transporter turned Jungo inside-out!  Until our great albino ape can put himself back together Jungo's new home will be the 2417 Atlantic labs, Gem Center for the Arts.

Come visit Jungo February 21st from 6pm - 11pm for 'Atlantis Laboratory's' grand opening!

                                               2417 Bank Drive. Boise, ID 83705.


Behind the Scenes: Jungo Build

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